Addressable Geofencing For Direct Mail

Yes, Direct Mail Is Effective and Just Got Better!

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What Is Addressable Geofencing Marketing?

You may be familiar with Geofencing but have you heard about Addressable Geofencing?

With traditional Geofencing you draw virtual borders and wait for your customers to walk into your zones so you can send ads to their phone. With Addressable Geofencing you send ads directly to their home.

A revolutionary way to advertise your shop and reach your ideal customer.

How It Works:

Send digital ads to your customer list 4 days before mail date

Direct Mail lands in homes, your customers have seen this graphic and offer for 4 days

Digital ads run 8 days after your mail date

Repeat each month there after

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What It Is

Addressable Geofencing is a powerful marketing strategy that combines direct mail postcards with online display ads to increase both response rates and branding for our business. The same people who receive your postcards will also see your clickable online ads, which will route them directly to your website.

Transformers Direct Marketing Geofencing provides:

Addressable geofencing: for reaching specific households in your target market.

Mobile geofence: For reaching mobile devices within a set boundary.

Search: For people who have recently searched for your services in last 30 days.

Let TDM take your digital marketing to a new level!

By engaging your audience through addressable geofencing alongside other mediums such as direct mail, online promotions, Google Ads we’ll develop your strongest and boldest marketing campaign to date!


we know your customers and your business. As your voice we’ll bring them together.

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Designed For Single & Multi Shop Owners

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