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Bing or Google Ads For Auto Repair Shops

Auto Repair Shop Google or Bing Ads are text or image advertisement that appears in the search results. These ads are called “sponsored search ads” because they are paid for by advertisers. Bing or Google Ads are typically used by auto repair shops to promote their products and/or services. When you create a Bing or Google Ad, you are actually creating targeting ad that is designed to help drive new customers. You can promote your business with a Bing or Google Ad by telling people about your business and what services you offer.

Why Transformers Direct Marketing for Bing & Google Ads?

  • We actively monitor campaigns daily/weekly
  • We make decisions based on real life scenarios, experiences & real data
  • We live and breath data, we can track everything and adjust campaigns immediately
  • We can track phone calls and form submissions back to the keywords

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Google Ads are a great tool for any auto repair shop.

Benefits of Google Ads for shops

Google ads are the best way to advertise because they provide a number of benefits. The main benefit is that all the ads are highly targeted, which means that your business will be more likely to be seen. This is because the ads are optimized for search engine users and not just for general web users. The ads are also visible to the right people, which is great for reaching customers that are looking for your services. This is because the ads are targeted at people who are looking for auto repair. They have a good ROI, which means that your business will have more money to spend on other complimenting marketing strategies. Google ads also provide a lot of information about your shop without having to send someone to a website.
Often times we’re converting potential customers before they get to the website.

Paid Ads on the search engines have two very distinct advantages:

  • You can target specific areas within a region
  • You can choose what ads you want ads to show up or not show up based on keyword phrases

Are Google Ads Right For Your Shop

That will be determined after you answer one question…Are you looking to increase car count? At the core of Google ads is lead generation. This median is a direct response type of advertising. You are positioning yourself in front of people who are actively looking for your services. By bidding on the right keywords, using the right ad copy and sending people to the correct landing page, we’re able to convert more visitors.

We put you in the best position possible to convert a visitor into a lead.


we know your customers and your business. As your voice we’ll bring them together.

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